german historical museum

german historical museum


monument-related reconstruction of the german historical museum in Berlin

The construction measures concern all of the museums buildings without interrupting the museum's opening hours what makes the construction progress challenging.

The areas of application vary greatly depending on the building:
Among others, restoration of the facades in accordance with the preservation order (Zeughaus), renovation of the glass facade (Pei-Bau), renewal of air-conditioning technology (Zeughaus and Pei-Bau), window renovation (administration building), basement renovation (archive building), fire protection upgrades (Spandau depot), and renewal of security systems (all)

German Historical Museum
since 2019 - Stefano Magistretti for Sting Architekten GmbH, Berlin
project management phase 3-8

monument-related reconstruction of the museums buildings:
Zeughaus, Exhibition Area (Pei-Building), administration building, archive building, Depot halls (Spandau)

  • Year:
  • since 2019
  • Location:
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Status:
  • under construction
  • Credits:
  • building contractor: BBR Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Bauordnung
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