1005.architektur is an interdisciplinary office for architecture and interior design, founded in Berlin in 2019.

The office combines in an integrative way the competences in building construction and interior design for a wide range of different tasks and develops individual solutions as a representative of the sustainable handling of existing and listed buildings, especially in this field.

The founding partners, the architect Stefano Magistretti and the interior designer Matthias Vollmar, each look back on 20 years of experience and leading activity in renowned offices and joint realisation of large building projects, with which they lead the team of 1005.architektur.

For more than 15 years we have been working in leading positions on complex projects, in all phases, from conception to execution, always in multidisciplinary exchange with all project participants.

In our opinion, fast decision-making processes, efficiency, effectiveness and competitive planning costs can best be guaranteed through direct contact and constructive dialogue with the client. Clear and direct agreements minimize planning times as well as costs and optimize the quality of the projects. Personal, committed and binding work is our demand on our activities and the basis for the client's satisfaction.

The focus of planning is then always on the human being. His specific needs, the quality of the living spaces form the core of the design process and lead to individual approaches in dealing with construction and material, light, colour and space.

The range of services extends from private to public buildings and is characterised by our experience in planning and project management for complex, demanding building projects, cultural buildings and hotels, in the area of new and old buildings, also taking into account the interests of monument conservation.

The main focus of our project work lies in the structural development of the target definition. This is followed by initial design ideas and team building and leadership in all further phases.

A first joint cooperation was the realisation of a hotel at the Baltic Sea for the Steigenberger Group (Steigenberger Hotel Zingst, 2004/06) with Stefano Magistretti as project manager and Matthias Vollmar as deputy for amj design in all planning and subsequent execution phases.


Breitenbachplatz 1
14195 Berlin

+49 30 54630990

Matthias Vollmar Stefano Magistretti